Carpet Cleaning

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning uses the eco-friendly power of steam to clean, disinfect and deodorize your carpets without the introduction of harsh detergents or chemicals into your interiors. The process begins with vigorous vacuuming to remove and loosen dirt and dust particles from the carpet.

Make Your Carpet Cleaner!

Our technicians are careful to gently move furniture so as to access previously inaccessible areas such as corners and under/behind furniture. Then, state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machines are used to flush out dust mites, obliterate bacteria and remove any residue that has become embedded into carpet padding over time.

Equal attention is paid to the drying process, because nobody knows the importance of proper drying better than we do. When the cleaning process is complete, your carpets are ready for business as usual. No chemical residue, no toxic fumes.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Some consumers are confused about carpet and rug cleaning methods. They have heard terms, or seen products and companies that offer carpet shampooing, dry cleaning (which includes cleaning powders, the use of chemicals, bonnet cleaning and more), water extraction and steam.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta, the premier carpet cleaning service in Atlanta Georgia, is familiar with all of these processes. It has been our experience that in most cases, there is only one way to get carpets truly clean: high powered water extraction (steam cleaning) using professional grade equipment such as truck mounts.

Carpet Cleaning and Beyond

When decorating an interior, designers always recommend paying particular attention to floor coverings. Carpets, which come in a vast variety of fibers, textures, and colors, can be an important element of any decorating scheme. Whether you go for a natural or synthetic fiber, antique or modern, one rule stands true for all carpet types: proper care, including professional deep cleaning once every two years or so, will maximize your carpet's usefulness and lengthen its life.

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