Cleaning and Refinishing Wood Floor

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning offers specialized wood floor cleaning and refinishing services, we use top of the line cleaning products and machines to make sure you wood floor will look as good as new.

Methods on How to Clean Wood Floors

To keep your wood floor at top shape these basics should always apply to wood floor cleaning. First, you should regularly sweep your floor (this will remove any dirt or dust particles). There are special vacuum cleaners that can be used for the areas that are not easy to access. You can also use a special terrycloth mop for your wood floor cleaning.

As well, there are various good quality professional wood cleaning products on the market that can remove tough stains (but be sure to check this against your specific wood flooring - that is why it is essential to have the professionals look at it too).

Preventive Care for Wood Floors

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning also suggests ways of maintaining your hardwood flooring in the interim period between professional cleans. We suggest using rugs or mats that can prevent stains on your wood floors. Remember to shake them out regularly though as they are real dust collectors.

Getting The Most out of Your Wood Floors

If you have a beautiful home and you have decided to put in wood floors, why not make the most of them and have them professionally cleaned. You will see the difference immediately. We understand this very well. We use top of the line, eco-friendly, and all natural cleaning products to ensure your wood floors look as good as they did the day you purchased them.

A General Word on Wood Floor Cleaning

So while it is definitely possible (and even advisable) for homeowners to clean their own wood floors with various methods and products, once in a while (especially at the beginning) it is a good idea to call in the professionals.

A good cleaning professional with a lot of experience will be able to advise you specifically what products are best for your particular wood floors. Contact Atlanta Carpet Cleaning specialists via 404-551-2471.

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